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Why wouldn’t we be able to simply build our center quality by doing stand-up paddleboarding or windsurf however much as could reasonably be expected to remain fit? Wellbeing and wellness master Henrik Beyer answers these regular workout questions.

windsurfing artworkWouldn’t we be able to simply do a few squats, push-ups, and crunches on the shoreline (or at home) to expand our wellness and enhance our windsurfing exhibitions? Why don’t we get a TRX home rec center and begin doing a full scope of various activities? Is it accurate to say that it isn’t sufficient?

“In wellness, numerous streets prompt to Rome. Getting fit and sound can be really basic or horrendously troublesome relying upon financial variables, wellbeing proficiency, physical status, and individual and additionally proficient commitments, and so on.,” says Beyer, creator of “Wellbeing and Fitness for Windsurfing.”

Windsurfing art print, or Starboard , an another gift idea …

But before do you know Starboard ?
Starboard propelled the world’s first completely planing inflatable windsurf board. The AirPlane is intense, light and to a great degree minimal.

windsurfing artIt was an unavoidable move. Starboard authoritatively enters the inflatable windsurf world with four new models for tenderfoots, dynamic riders, and children. The Airplane presents Rail Edge, a 3D elastic recipe that permits the get onto to plane.

The inflatable innovation by Starboard additionally highlights a completely coordinated pole track which maintains a strategic distance from collapse adrift, a solid and hardened balance box, and a 6” drop join. The new inflatable windsurf board can be completely swelled in the middle of five and ten minutes.

“Contrasted with customary sheets, they’re delicate on effect, making it protected, agreeable and intense. Being lighter and fit for moving up to fit in a rucksack, they’re actually the lightest, most grounded, and most minimal windsurf sheets on the planet,” clarifies Tiesda You, head fashioner at Starboard.

The AirPlane is accessible in three sizes: 255cm, 285cm and 300cm; the 285cm form is accessible with the completely retractable daggerboard or with a middle blade space. All models ought to be expanded to no less than 18 PSI.

Windsurfing artwork

Some windsurfing artwork are available here :
Windsurfing Art
Windsurfing painting, original artwork , from France, discover this amazing windsurfing painting

The windsurfing schools of the world

Windsurfing schools: learn how to rig a sail, and master the art of sailing

Do you want to learn how to windsurf? Discover your nearest windsurf school, and enroll in your first windsurfing lessons.

Windsurfing is not like surfing. The goal of surfing is to catch and ride waves. Although the wind makes waves, surfers don’t usually rely on the breeze to practice their…

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Windsurfing art , surfing art on giclee print

windsurfing board , wind surfing art
Giclee (jhee-clay) – Derived from the french verb gicler meaning to squirt, to spray. The term giclee print typically connotes a certain elevation in printmaking technology.
A giclee is a high resolution digital print and is a recognized fine art print category like lithographs and serigraphs. Giclee is considered the world’s best technique for reproducing original works of art and for printing digitally created art .
Giclee prints look and feel like original art. Prints are made on real artist materials such as watercolor papers and canvas.

Image permanence is a concern to artists and collectors.
We use UltraChrome inks which is very stable, giving fade & color shift resistance of 90 years on watercolor paper under average indoor light conditions.

Size : 33 x 33 cm
Giclee print on watercolor paper
Signed by the artist

Estonia crowns the 2016 world ice and snow sailing champions

WISSA World Championships 2016: speed sailing on ice | Photo: Gediminas Gresevicius/WISSA

The 2016 world ice and snow sailing champions have been crowned at Lake Võrtsjärv, in Estonia.

The 2016 WISSA World Championships took place in the frozen ice of Estonia’s second largest lake. The conditions were not always perfect – the ice cracked in some areas – but the organization…

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NeilPryde unveils the RS:X weapon for the 2024 Olympic Games

The RS:X Convertible: small is beautiful

NeilPryde is playing its trump card for the 2024 Summer Olympics. And the weapon of choice is a very tiny 120-liter windsurfing board with a hydrofoil. It’s called RS:X Convertible.

In the early months of 2012, the future of Olympic windsurfing looked doomed, and kiteboarding was gaining…

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Polish duo wins the 2016 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships

2016 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships: light winds in Eilat | Photo: Tiit Aunaste/RS:X Class

Piotr Myszka and Malgorzata Bialecka were crowned champions at the 2016 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships, in Eilat, Israel.

The Polish swift dominated the entire competition and will be a force to be reckoned with at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, in Brazil, next summer. The medal races were…

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Do windsurfers really need the gym?

Windsurfing: staying fit is never easy | Photo: Carter/PWA

Why can’t we just increase our core strength by doing stand-up paddleboarding or windsurf as much as possible to stay fit? Health and fitness expert Henrik Beyer answers these banal workout questions.

Can’t we just do some squats, push-ups, and crunches on the beach (or at home) to increase our…

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The complete list of windsurfing equipment

Windsurfing equipment: tick the checklist before you go | Photo: Carter/PWA

Windsurfing is a technical sport. Not only because it requires learning learned sailing skills, but also because it involves a few number of small and medium-sized hardware items.

Beginners might think that windsurfing is complicated. It is quite plain to find windsurfing apprentices that…

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