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Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife Part 4

Shaming Midwives Addendum to « Non Con Cytotec » Non Con Cytotec (and more) GoPros in L What’s Up Doulas Get Together Lilia’s Birth Story (Brow Presentation) If You Have to Ask. Kristen’s Uterine Rupture Story Anna’s Uterine Rupture Story K’s Uterine Rupture Story Uterine Rupture Birth Stories A Baby Died My Take on the MANA Stats « Study » My Hernia Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Invest in Babywearing Colonization Oubli’s Vaginal Tear How to Choose a Birth Doula Responsibility Jason Collins Comes Out AAP’s New Home Birth Guidelines Nursing School Worries Women Get High From Epidurals? Judging Birth Stories Eliott’s Birth Story Eliott’s Story Doulo Scathing Commentary About Oregon’s OOH Births OT: How E2L is Going MediCal for California Licensed Midwives? Becoming a Monitrice Hernia OT: What’s Hard About E2L OT: Eat to Live A New Accusation Against Dr. Biter The Feminist Breeder as Doula Hyperemesis Gravidarum Doulas at Unassisted Births Cesarean Scar: Graziela Amniotic Fluid Embolism Story Going for a Non Stress Test/Bio Physical Profile: The Irrelevance of Time: Let’s Get Started Breastfeeding Brewer Diet Be Damned Mucus Plug Dripping Caul Hypnobabies Doula Do You Like Being a Mom? Trevor the La Leche League Battle Dr. Biter in the Union Tribune Biter Baby Death on the News Dr. Biter Judgement Posted NBC’s Treatment of the 2012 Olympics A Doula’s Role? Gardenias Gentle Grandmothering Cesarean Scar: Emina’s Story Making a Hospital Birth Plan Shifting from Pro UC to Anti UC CPMs, Don’t Read This! Succinct Reasons CPMs/DEMs Need to Get Their Act Together Sarah’s GREAT News! Radical Doula’s RHReality Check Article Vanessa’s Good News! Sara’s Good News Kendra Henry’s Good News Philip Georgia’s Nursing Hormonal Menopause How to Put Twins in a Moby Wrap Good News, Anyone? Biter Death? Binary Parenting Cesarean Scar: Star Reigning in the Renegades Reader Question: CPM or CNM The SOB Spanking Mental Illness Cesarean Scar: adrienne’s cesarean scar story Placentas in the Igloo Cesarean Scar: Kathryn Guest Post: From an Ex (CPM)Apprentice What Influence? Dead Breech Babies Cesarean Scar: Sarah HBACs « Stretch » « Crowning » « Mucous » « Placenta » « Primal » « Baby » How to Interview Your Midwife’s References Did You Have Your Membranes Stripped? Neonatal Resuscitation: Crucial Skill for Your Midwife The Miracle of Peanut Balls Midwives I Have Loved The Ethics of Facebooking a Birth Labor Taking Longer Today Cesarean Scar: Mandy’s Story Cesarean Scar: Ashley E. Cesarean Scar: Jamie Cesarean Scar: 3 Babies; 3 Scars Cesarean Scar: My Scars Are Loved Cesarean Scar: Joy Cesarean Scar: Heather A. Cesarean Scar: Faye Cesarean Scar: Kate Cesarean Scar: VBA3C Cesarean Scar: Amelia Cesarean Scar: Kay Cesarean Scar: UK Reader Cesarean Scar: Peggy Cesarean Scar: Payton’s Mom « Big, Healthy Babies » Cesarean Scar: Cj’s Story Cesarean Scar: Ashley Cesarean Scar: Laura Cesarean Scar: Jennifer Cesarean Scar: Anonymous Cesarean Scar: Stacey Cesarean Scar: Anonymous Cesarean Scar: Anonymous Cesarean Scar: Anonymous Cesarean Scar: Lori Cesarean Scar: Kristina K. Cesarean Scar: Heather T. Cesarean Scar: Nicole Cesarean Scar: Sarah W. Cesarean Scar: Reyna Cesarean Scar: Lorie Porter Cesarean Scar: Erika Cesarean Scar: wolf Cesarean Scar: Kelly Cesarean Scar: Anonymous 4 Cesarean Scar: Elizabeth Cesarean Scar: Sarah S. Cesarean Scar: Sarah Cesarean Scar: Marilyn H. Cesarean Scar: Emily Richardson Cesarean Scar: Jess cheap jerseys Cesarean Scar: Colleen Cesarean Scar: Tara Davis Cesarean Scar: Katie Cesarean Scar: Mandy Renfro Cesarean Scar: Anonymous (2) Cesarean Scar: Anonymous Cesarean Scar: TM Cesarean Scar: Paige’s Birth Stories Cesarean Scar: Paige Cesarean Scar: RL Cesarean Scar: Samantha Venn Cesarean Scar: Shannon Tells M’s Birth Story Cesarean Scar: Shannon Cesarean Scar: Heather R. Cesarean Scar: L. Cesarean Scar: Sarah V. Cesarean Scar: Nastassja H. Dr. Biter « Big Healthy Babies » The Cursor Responsible Blogging What Should a 4 6 Week Miscarriage Be Like? What I’ve Seen Up to Now Extract This Beth’s Hemorrhagic Miscarriage Mingling What a Doula Said Rapunzel Hiatus Meghann Nursing Bouncing Atoms Tokophobia Comment Guest Post: Max’s Birth Story Mindfulness Dear New Midwife Blogger, Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Finale) My First Homebirth (as a witness) Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife: Skills Training Dr. Biter as Licensed Midwife? Letter from « Midwife to Be » Attendee Midwife to Be « Midwifery School » Droplets in the Ocean Glass Shards of Diabetes Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Part 5) Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Interjection) Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Part 4) Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Part 3) Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Part 2) Interviewing a Homebirth Midwife (Part 1) Birth as Art Guest Post: Jamaican Birth Peek Into My Writing Head « Granola ier Than Thou » Birth Shame Amendment to Not So « Wonderful » Investigation 37 Percent Suddenly. I’m a New Grandma!! Choices Meghann’s Virtual Blessingway Ignorant Bliss Guest Post: Licensing Midwives Dandy Commentary Continued Why Licensing is a Dandy Idea Constipation with Breastfed Poop? Amber Plyler Changes Her Mind Why I Left Homebirth Midwifery What ARE the Risks of Vaginal Birth? This is « Dr. Wonderful »? What ARE the Risks of Cesareans? Vaginal Shame Sacred Trust Hands Knees in Labor « Curb Your Brats » Commentary Breast Milk Storage Hints Hilarious Comment Casa de Nacimiento Closing What People Say to Pregnant Women Mmmm. Meat for Your Newborn! Circumcision Nursing School Disclosing Homebirth Plans to OB Using (Extremely) Out dated Studies 99 Percent Babies in Bloom GBS Redux This is Informed Consent? What a New Mama Needs What to Bring to the Hospital What If? What Does This Look Like? « Away We Go »! 1906 Placenta Previa Treatment How do you subscribe to this page? I Believe. Kleinke’s Book Signing Jen Kamel VBACFacts Jill Unnecesarean Me Amy Romano Birth Abuse Tokophobia Comment Meet My GrandDAUGHTER! That Frustrating Part of Mommyhood The Hospital Tour Lady Said What?!? Mama Midwife Peace Transition (before my birthday) Birth y Women LifeWrap Materna Medical « Device » Guest Post: Molly Remer on Hospital Routines Active Pregnancy Pointless Hospital « Rituals » Placenta Accreta After Cesarean Comment to « Are Home Births Safe? » Guest Post: Doula ing for Cesareans THE Video Exposition Trail: Intro Doulas. LISTEN UP! L Nurses. ( midwives, doctors, doulas, etc.) Seizing Her Day Intensity Captured Oh, yeah, BABY!!!! Thoughts on « One Born Every Minute » Terrible Feelings Surrounding Letdown? Guest Post: HBAC Story from CNM’s POV Did You Transfer/Transport to the Hospital? Really? REALLY? Hypocrite in the Middle The Irony of Privilege What Are Your Worst Fears in Pregnancy? Preface to Birth Rape Piece (questions) Facebook or Blog. Defining Mid/Medwife I’m a Proud Mama! Banning Cameras at Birth When Choosing an OB. Capitalization Midwife to Monitrice Light Switch Describe Your First Parenting Crisis Charting: Whose Truth? What was the weather like the day you had your babies? How pregnant were you when you found out you were pregnant? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell REPEALED! Silvia Frank’s Obituary FB Inquiry: What Christmas Carol Drives You Bonkers? FB Inquiry: Does your family drive everywhere? The Ripping Apart of Natural Birth FB Inquiry: What was the BEST decision you made as a parent in 2010? What to Wear to a Funeral Prenatal Pole Dancing Grinding to a Halt In Honor of Silvia Frank The Post List Grows Longer Thoughts on « When a Homebirth Doesn’t Happen » Abuela Passed This Morning Abuela’s Baby Boy Shares His Thoughts Candied Yams photo recipe Comment to « Ummm not so much » The Hospital Tour Comment for « Home Birth Plan » Spam Love Letter I Owe You One Earlier/Faster/Better Inhale Imprint (a letter from a mother to her daughter) My Nana (circa 1982) New Friends (1986) What Kind of Cereal Do You Have in Your Pantry? When Is Help Not Help? « Babies » Two Types of Moms Transition What Did You Crave? Diamond Marks the Spot Mea Culpa (through my fault) When I’m Asked a Question « No Woman, No Cry » « Homebirth Awareness Week » NaBloPoMo (one day late already!) Bites My Doctor Said What?! Note re: Umbilical Cord Who Are You Calling an Intactivist? (Guest Post) Original F Word Post Removed (to make way for Jen’s post) Removed F Word Post Come Out! Come Out! Whoever You Are. Babywearing Quiet Blog Carnival Anyone Out There? Blog Carnival: Midwifery Racism 25 Words Birth as Yoga Clear Headed Mama Baby Tattoos « Be Honest » My Frog The Bloggerhood (as seen from my window) Resuscitation Board Taking a Fat Woman’s Blood Pressure (small) Pet Peeve: HIPAA Barb’s Advice to Quell GDM and/or Humongous Babies Open Season: you have been warned Separatism: conflict amongst the ranks Did ACOG (finally!) cheap jerseys Take Their Meds? Doulas Homebirth Dr. What I learned watching the NIH VBAC Conference The UC Oxymoron Why Midwives Ask for Payment CBAC Processing Random Thoughts on (VBAC) Informed Consent What do we do with the GDM study? Birth: 1987 The Science of Woo How to Show You Are Serious About Becoming a Midwife I Just Want Women to Think! Food, Inc. ( more) My Media Release Labor: A Visual Guide Pitting Edema A Visual Tour of an Non Stress Test Observing Fetal Position (without one’s hands) Amnion Chorion Trailing Membranes Vernix Baby Born in the Caul (Amniotic Sac) Splitting Up « Teaching » Posts The Placenta ( Amniotic Sac) Close up View of Umbilical Vessels Effect of Shoulder Dystocia on Baby’s Face Bruise from Vacuum Delivery Velamentous Insertion of the Umbilical Cord Tongue Tie Birth Balls Ugly (in L Mongolian Spot Let’s Read This Kids’ Book Together cyber Ask a Midwife (my new venture) Birthing Fat: Insulin Birthing Fat: Background Dr. Amy’s Comeuppance Denialism Hospital Birth In Progress on the Web Avoid H1N1 with Vitamin D Supplementation MedFake: Hospital Birth Gone Awry: Is This Typical? Medscape Article 9/29/09 Slamming Homebirth again How Homebirth Helps Avoid the H1N1 Virus What Doesn’t Feel Right, Isn’t Re Writing Progress (odd) Re writing. Just because it’s the standard of care. Hibiclens Discussion (for GBS+ women) Birth Guilt ACOG’s Homebirth Blame Game Old Time Obstetrics Putting My Things in Boxes Considering a VBAC? Blog and a Movie Apprentice Midwife Material? Newborn Spanish Mishaps « Business of Being Born » Viewing 5/27/09 Open Letter to YouTube Comments. VBAC Birthing « Freebirthing » My Postpartum Depression (1987) What’s This? (Oh, my neglected blog!) Dr. Wonderful Comes Out of the Closet Precipitous HBAC Anyone Know a Dr. Wonderful? Me Oprah: How Oprah is Teaching Me About My Self My Foot’s Healing (update) Beautiful Birth with Dr. Wonderful Extreme 20/20: commentary Happy New Year! Prenatal Visit w/ Help from a Kidlet Vitamin D Cesarean Risk Home (Birth) for the Holidays Surgical Trip Awww, Nuts! Screw It! For HoneyBunnyLove Surgery Baby Pics Belly Time Henry VIII Hee sterical Prop 8 Video What I’m Working On Oh, for crying in a bucket. Obama ma Boom Template Letter to President Elect Obama re: National Licensing of Midwives Open Letter to President Elect Obama In my lifetime. New Family Photos What Happened to.? (Follow up to Birth Plans) Ink Birth Michael Flatley Updated Birth Plan Template Memorial Service Reading My Daddy’s Passing. Let’s Chuckle for a Sec Gentle Thoughts Needed, Please Misc. Learning Pictures Breast Cancer Army of Women! Let’s Talk About Obama Abortion (put your shields up!) What’s in a « Yoni »? VBAC (with a whiff of pit) My Puppies View From Above Orgasmic Birth Questions Answers: Homebirth Birth Plan Doing Swimmingly Metatarsal Mania Sending It All Packing Water Works Palin Pall Family is NOT off limits It’s September. Article on Elective Cesareans: Some Thoughts Welcome to My New House Learning SquareSpace I’m Offensive. Ch ch ch changes Stress Test Passed Scaling Mountains My Daddy. Vitamin D Its Role in Women Children When Dogma Trumps Common Sense Post Dates Thinking Aloud/Allowed Discordance Response to ACOG’s the AMA’s Homebirth Resolution Blog sidings I’m Getting Married! (again) One Dose of Antibiotics. Laila Ali: Having a Homebirth! LLL Founder Gone Bridesmaids Sunny Disposition Cesarean Punishment Meghann’s UC Birth Story Pain Ryan Bingham Tonight Show Video Random Stuff Phenomenal Breastfeeding Story Deliver Me When We Don’t Know Why. Shameless Plug Kneelingwoman’s Post Foolishness Mayhem WHO’s Midwife Midwifery Education (Lite) Hungry Blog Do NBA Downplay Pain in Childbirth? Plastic Surgery Delusions First Breath Wait No More Three Generations Embrace Backlight Basking in the Sun Baby Today House of Puppies Lilo’s in Charge Horse Sense A Moment Away to Laugh Long Note to Students/Apprentices Homebirth Advocates Leonard Nimoy the Fat Chicks Vaginal Twins in the Hospital! (A « Celebrity! ») To Give the « Teta » is to Give Life Christina Aguilera’s Fears Disclosed Birth as a Work of Art Chicken Little The Best Response to ACOG Statement Yet The Gray, Grey Messenger Gloria LeMay The Gray, Grey Messenger: Trust The Gray, Grey Messenger: Recovery « Calling All Angels » 11 Myths About. A Walk in the Sun « Scrubs » Star Births at Home! « 10 Terrible Patients. » A Little Training. Wanted: eBay Junkie Christina’s Soreness We Are So Lucky: Ghosts Meggie in Balboa Park Wedding Photographer? VBAC Study Worth Seeing About « Sanguineous Shock » Sanguineous Shock « Been looking forward to this day. » The Myth of the Vertex Christmas Eve Baby 5 Daughters St. Elsewhere Tagged 7 Random Things Montage World! A Family Needs Your Love. Letters of Thanks to Dr. Wonderful leave them here Open Letter to the Nasty Nurse Face Presentation Birth Random December Lights Another Feeling Surgery Post A General Anesthetic Story (for Tokophobics) Before « Flores » Flores Firey Sunset Helen Mirren Tokophobia Breathing Ash San Diego Ablaze Coza, Where are You? « The Business of Being Born »: The Impact on Me Thighs Lows How « The Business of Being Born » Is Going My Son I Roosters? The View Out of Our Room Gorgeous Women of Hawai’i Poi Balls Strength Requisite Luau Picture Labor Ballet Reflection TMing Continuation Still on Race Midwifery Race Birth Issues (PiggyBack from SageFemme) We’re Showing « The Business of Being Born! » The Next Time You’re Nursing. Just Some Stuff The Business of Being Born Review Critique The Audience of The Business of Being Born 8/25/07 When Is Help Not Help My Puppies Iron Rich Foods Puzzle: Help the Midwife (please!) Birth Plan Revised (With OB Approval) Tagged 8 Secrets About Me Birth Plan Lemme Fix It Kisses Cuddling Up Thanking Dr. Wonderful Email Added to Site Let’s Critique a Birth Plan A Birth Unfolds in Photos Words My New Hair Vision Magazine Article Unassisted Birth Buzz Me the Horse Angel Homo Fest Big Love Squidoo, Anyone? Labor Bed County Drive Wedded Bliss Tidbits Labor Kitty Shame Working Posts Garden Laboring VBAC Success! Bloody HMOs Her Surgery. Firefighters Surgery Some Nurses. Article to Read (About Cesareans) When Being a Mother Is Hard Writing The Moon Gloppies I Was Blog Sided wholesale jerseys china Roxanne Uncircumcised Bat Eyes Out of Town Boogie Nights Dark Daughta Responds to Fat Talk Packaging My Nana’s Bowl « How Women Become Mothers » Fat Angry Woman Me When Old Posts Find New Life Taking Things Personally Why I Blog (Tagged) A Piece of My Office Front and Centering LLL Love Story 21 Years Ago Aimee’s Birth Story Ricki Lake!! Driving Force Where is the Logic? One Tenacious Baby Mama TV Time My Secret Birthday In my emailbox. Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Cinderella Castle Time My Sister (again) Self Portrait Lucas Sleeping Lucas Sydney 3 Friends (Belated) Happy Valentine’s Day MRI Complete I’m Naked My Sister I’m Writing. Take a Deep Breath It’s Time to Tell the Story Birth Watching Click n Time Parking Space Goddess New Year’s Tick Tocking Thoughts I am Cured Pondering and Moving Forward I’M NOT CRAZY!!! Shameless Plugging December Birth 2 Birth Brought Ailie Dancing in the Sand Pregnant Nursing Compassionate Detachment Letter to a Friend Wicked What’s So Hard About Blogging Okay, I’ll Show You One laugh Defying Gravity Raw III Raw II Raw Midwife as Mother; Mother as Midwife A Story About a Mother Pens Harvest Moon Corsets Sleeping Off Call What’s In a Scratch Speaking for the Silent Snuggling Pregnant Mama Nursing Toddler Older Tandem Nurslings Tandem Chatting Sunset on a Pregnancy FairyDaughter Sisters What Possesses Some People? Rosh Hoshana She Took Me Out to a Ball Game And now heading home. Barfing in Labor Pistil Pink Mr. Winkle Our Family Bed Non Bio Tandem Nursing Cesarean Head Pressure Volleyball Sunset On the Beach I Thread My Way. Home Visits Red Faced Embarrassment 30 Days Tonight! Open Letter to UCers Why I Write (revisited) Nitpicking (UC Talk) What Do You Get for Your Money When You Buy the Hospital Ticket. Dreamgirls! Practice Guidelines My UC Baby Baby 2 Where She Was Born Baby 3 Car Birth Baby 3 23 Years Ago Baby 1 Toddler Nursing Baby 3 Choice Scheherazade Entry Red Flags Getting Old Random Thoughts Everyone Buy Vogue Magazine! LiveJournal Contingency Baby Talk Magazine Controversy Word Search Random Questions Answers Newborn Exam (and more!) What Spinal Meningitis Feels Like From Whence They Came Watching Discovery Health. Keep Talking (even when it’s hard) Marionette Obstetrics « Mother Lode of Pain » Miss Universe Make Believe Life as Rollercoaster Shackling Laboring Inmates Word Search (more) What People Are Askin’ Word Search What People Are Askin’ Waves of Flesh Random Stuff Gonna Be Fun! (NOT) a « Stupid Girl » Watch « Good Morning America » I’ve Done Some (ER) Time Ethics Patient Advocates Breastfeeding Katrina Stories Shape of a Mother Vaccinations Pediatric Grand Rounds July 15, 2006 The Sun Postpartum Suicide Article Let’s Look at Those Search Terms Grand Rounds July 11th, 2006 Dumping Water Therapy Heavy Weight Fight What Makes Placentas Healthy (or not) Word Search Velamentous Insertion Word Search Healthy Placenta What Do I Know, Anyway? Grand Rounds July 4th, 2006 Word Search How to Wean Word Search Ripe Cervix Word Search Baby Without Oxygen Word Search Home Birth Analgesics If a Scheduled Cesarean is Necessary Low AFI (NST/BPP) Fat Vaginas Let’s All Have VBAmCs! Word Search posterior cervix Fasting Placenta and Tongue Psych Writes Blogging cheap nba jerseys Essays or Streams of Consciousness? New Orleans VBAC Story Grand Rounds Posted 6/27/06 Reflections on New Orleans Rituals Humanizing an OB/GYN Visit Yoni Powerful Comment That Must be Shared No! Geographical Fat Grand Rounds I got in! Kelly Ripa New Orleans L Staffing Ecstatic Birth It’s a (VBAC) Girl! Labor, Maybe? Cicadas Pre /Early/Prodromal Labor Refusal Forms Border Patrol Learns « Emergency » Childbirth If I Were in a Developing Country. When to Debate Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding Breast Feed or Else! Titers Vaginas Internal (Medicine/Thoughts/Exams) Premonitions Doing a Vaginal Exam. Endorphins Many Approaches Taken to Childbirth (article rebuttle) Epidural Infection Kills Mom Cesarean Tragedy (I couldn’t make this up if I tried) US News World Report Cesarean Article Grand Rounds How do I get in the club? Cover Your Ears Gory, but oh so cool. Martha Flea says: Okay, so she was a footling breech Charting When the Test Is Negative Angelina. Why Do So Many Fat Women Struggle With Breastfeeding. What Motivates Physicians? Follow the « Leader » Shifting Care Baby Story Co Care Thoughts IUD Must Read Sites! Gifts GBS More Still no baby A Poem About an Amniotic Embolism This article nearly gave me a coronary. Comment on a Harry Potter Page Letter I Wrote to Admin One day. Curious er and Curious er Talking for Awhile Discussion About Arrested Midwife (and shoulder dystocia) Postpartum Abandonment by Midwives Apprenticeship the not so glamorous view (un published article) Blogging About Clients So Much. Medical Board Pictures Where Was I? Saving Babies, Saving Dollars: Why Midwives Should Be a Larger Part of Our Health Care SysArticles Connexes:

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