Albee Layer survives a dangerous wipeout at Jaws

Albee Layer: falling into the abyss

Albee Layer suffered a massive wipeout at Jaws, Maui. He will be out of the water for while.

The Hawaiian big swell hellman has had a fantastic season at Peahi but, this time, the beast sea almost claimed his life. Layer knew there wouldn’t be enough sea to run “The Eddie,” so he stayed in Maui…

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Surfglide’s up for Fresno State players; surfing’s out for Mustangs …

DeRuyter is allowing his players to surfboard. Jones is not. DeRuyter has given his players freedom to do most anything as long as they stayed out of trouble. Jones wants his team to have fun, too, but he knows the danger of surfing

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One Kook’s Safari>Who’s that presidential surfer? | Surfing

There were a few strong waves here and there this week and affable ones if you stayed away from where they were closing out because they closed out difficult and that's just never fun It is also officially.

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Legend of the Gorge | Swimin N6

windsurfin their intensity every summer. Finally, many pioneer windsurfer such as Brian Carlstrom, Jeff Hughes, Les Crichton and Rhonda Smith have stayed and opened state of the artwork equipment and instruction shops.

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